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Project Type

UI / UX, Branding

About The Project

Assigned to create an app with advanced technological features that are not capable of today. App must be mobile friendly, ease of access for the user, menus, icons, and graphics must be unified for the overall app design.

*Please note: Images used to help mock-up my designs are from






To create a mobile-friendly platform that exceeds user expectations, providing a cutting-edge solution aligning with the futuristic technological features with an intuitive and visually cohesive design.


By using advanced Nano-Tech technology, the mobile app offers a revolutionary approach to enhancing individual well-being. The integration of microscopic robots enables real-time monitoring of vital health indicators, such as detecting potentially life-threatening blood clots. Additionally, users can conveniently scan their bodies using these innovative bots to measure essential areas such as heart rate and blood sugar levels. This groundbreaking solution not only ensures accurate health diagnosis but also eliminates the need for frequent testing of blood sugar levels that may otherwise be painful. This particularly aids individuals with conditions such as diabetes. The app provides a clean and unified interface design further enhances the user experience, allowing for seamless navigation and accessibility.


Adobe XD, Illustrator, After Effects, Lottie Files



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