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Orbit Branding

Project Type

Branding, Package Design, UI / UX

About The Project

I undertook the rebranding of the renowned gum brand, Orbit, using cutting-edge technologies like Augmented Reality to elevate the gum's brand in the saturated market. By utilizing Augmented Reality, I was able to enhance the user experience and create a distinct competitive advantage for the Orbit brand. Through immersive digital experiences and user centric design, I created an alternative way consumers engage with the product, leaving a lasting impression for the target audience.


UI / UX, Illustration, Branding, Logo Design




The existing packaging design lacked visual appeal to stand out among the competitors. My challenge was to create a new packaging design that not only captured the essence of the brand but also stood out on the shelves. Including a need to craft die lines for the package design.


Through user research and analysis, I aimed to focus on the consumer preferences, behaviors, and expectations to inform the design decisions. Using the Augmented Reality function to aid the gum package to be elevated among the competition.



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