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Fake News

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About The Project

My objective was to design and develop a fictional "Fake News" page. Inspired by the concept, I envisioned a news outlet set in a unique world governed by felines, where the existence of canines posed a significant threat to the democracy and harmony of the feline society. I brought this imaginative narrative to life with various humorous fictional stories.

*Please note: Images used to help mock-up my designs are from Images used for placeholder of cats / articles are sourced from as well.


UI / UX, Web Design, Illustration, Logo Design




Develop a fictional web page with a "Fake News" theme, utilizing a structured 12-column grid system to achieve visual consistency across the page. The objective is to ensure seamless responsiveness by adapting the design to seamlessly transition from a 12-column layout to an 8-column and finally a 2-column grid, accommodating different screen sizes and keeping the user in mind.


I designed a fictional web page centered around the concept of a fictional world set in the unique world run by cats to complete the "Fake News" theme. Then I implemented the 12-column grid system, I ensured a consistent and balanced layout throughout the page, delivering a unified visual experience. Adapting the grid to seamlessly adjust to varying screen sizes. This approach allowed the web page to maintain its visual experience and function. Allowing the web page to transition smoothly from a 12-column layout to optimized 8-column and 2-column grids for improved usability across different devices.


Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator



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