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Gaze App Design

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About The Project

Assigned with developing a mobile app using the software, Axure, that enables designers to prototype their app interface designs in real time. The result is Gaze, a meticulously designed mobile application that showcases a range of clothing items. With a sleek and intuitive interface, Gaze provides users with a seamless browsing experience, allowing them to explore and discover their style.

*Please note: Images used to help mock-up my designs are from Images used for placeholder of clothing / people are from as well.


UI / UX, Branding, Illustration, Logo Design




Create a mobile app that considers the experience of the user, layout, typographical, and graphical elements. Must include a cart function along with a mathematical function, predictive search bar, and includes a menu as well.


Developed a mobile app that prioritizes the user experience by carefully considering the layout, typography, and graphical elements. The app integrates essential features such as a cart function, a mathematical function, and a predictive search bar to enhance user convenience. This makes Gaze, a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for exploring and purchasing clothing items.


Axure, Adobe XD, Illustrator, Photoshop



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